As a residential area, Lost Creek is one of West Austin’s premiere upper-middle class subdivisions. With continuous construction over the last 50 years, you’ll find a range of Lost Creek homes for sale – from late 20th century ranch style homes, charming multi-story builds with stone and brick exteriors, and unique custom builds along scenic greenbelts. With a highly-organized HOA and active residents, Lost Creek has managed to maintain a safe and resident-friendly appeal.

At the last count, there were 4,500 residents in Lost Creek spread out among 3.3 square miles of land. With just over 1,500 individual households, you can still find plenty of space among the residences with an average population density of 505 per square mile. Since most of Lost Creek has been built out already, open homesites are difficult to come by.

The average listing price of a home for sale in Lost Creek is around $760,000, making it one of the more upscale areas in Austin, TX. Given that Lost Creek is surrounded by luxury areas such as Westlake Hills and Barton Creek, Lost Creek stands out as one of the more approachable real estate areas in West Austin.

The architectural style of homes for sale in Lost Creek are varied. With construction going back into the 70s, you’re likely to find modern additions right next to ranch and multi-level homes. Residents do take the oportunity to update, so many of the homes in the area feature a mix of original architecture and contemporary updates.

Owning a home in Lost Creek says a few things about your lifestyle: the first being that you pride yourself on having a nice place to call home in a safe and established neighborhood that values comfort and convenience. Many existing resdients are well-educated and have a suitable household income. In fact, Business Insider named Lost Creek one the top 10 educated residential areas in the country [linkto:]

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